Tarot & Philosophy Therapy

"Tarot readings which are deep in philosophical wisdom"

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The Stars

What Tarot cards have to do with therapy?

Tarot cards are rich in symbolisms and archetypes, which are considerably similar to ‘Jungian’ psychology. Many therapists make use of images as an indirect bridge between them and the client. In this aspect, tarot is no different. 

Over the years I have learnt that tarot does not only have a divinatory purpose, but that also, has a 'science' of its own. The cards work as a window to open up parts of your subconscious mind. Thus, the subliminal messages contained in their archetypes and patterns, when properly connected can result in a prophetic and healing content.


This undeniable psychological aspect of tarot, blended with my philosophical approach, creates a perfect combination which allows me to understand your needs and how to assist you going forward.  


The way I work with Tarot implements many therapeutic qualities because not only gives insight into a situation but also, it exercises its own unique and healing characteristics.  


How did it came about?

During my readings, I often noticed that my clients were looking to open up further about issues within their lives that were never the main reason for the initial visit. Those issues could be considered difficult to talk about normally or even seen as taboo.


Whilst addressing these concerns I realised how I was applying my philosophical knowledge into their reading and the results were a significant change in my clients perspective.They often arrived feeling lost and confused about their own capacity to better their lives but left hopeful because my unique approach not only gave them insights into a better future, but it also worked as a constructive coaching/counselling.The mechanism in the way I work with people offers more than divination or just therapy alone; it unites the power of 'inner and outer' we all have! 


Hence “Tarot & Philosophy Therapy”, was born.


“Tarot & Philosophy Therapy is a fusion of my own spirituality and philosophical  knowledge "




My Story

Like many, my path in life did not start easily and I had my fair share of challenges however, over time I learnt that each of these challenges gave  me strength. I learnt that uncertainties will always be there but the answer was not to be defeated by ‘what ifs,’  and instead take those uncertainties as part of the whole game!

The difficulty is not in the problem itself, but how you react to it, knowing that there are still many more things to come which will require the best of my abilities. I can truly say that now I am better equipped to continue moving forward in life in a positive manner.


Diana encouraged me to open up and loose the inhibitions that I usually keep locked away.

Thank you for a great session

Jay Williams

Thank you Diana. It was gret to chat and I thoroughly enjoyed the philisophical edge to the reading. Spot on with your predictions. See you in a few months


I was not sure what to expect as it says 'philosophical reading' but I was amazed by the wisdom Diana demonstrated not just on her reading but in general! Very impressed! 

Susie Norris

Earth and Space


If you are interested, please do contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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