Planet and Moon

Story & Origins 

Hello friend! My name is Diana, originally I am from the beautiful country of Brazil, known for its spontaneously warm people and amazing nature, but alongside these positives are the unfortunate aspects of inequality, poverty and political corruption. Experiencing such a contrasting way of living did not made it easy to start my path in life. I had my fair share of challenges and heartbreaks, but over time I learnt that each of these challenges added strength to who I am today, enhancing and sculpting my development as a therapist. They became an essential part of who I am, enabling me to understand and relate to people in ways that speaks direct to their core beliefs.


Uncertainties will always be there but the answer is not to be defeated or paralysed by fear of the unknown and instead, take those uncertainties as part of the whole game!  



Growing up in a psychic family

It is no surprise that, as a very sensitive child, I was 'lucky' to grow up around a lot of chaotic scenarios, listening and witnessing the Stories and experiences of my mother and grandmother who both had extremely heightened mediumship. It might sound like Ron Weasley's family from Harry Potter, but unfortunately, their lives were a constant rollercoaster of tragic events, to which now, I can see that it was all related to their psychic gifts. Sadly, they chose to ignore those gifts and I believe the disregard for that was partially, what have led to their early deaths. At the same time, it served as an ‘awakening’ in myself to change my view about life and the way I wish to live going forward with what I have inherited. 


‘Tragedies’ aside, my upbringing was a mix of good and bad and the two aspects coupled together, somehow have made me feel comfortable with these two sides of life.

What I truly wish for, is to convey this same 'security' for those who come to me for help, regardless of what aspect in their life they need clarity.

The ‘Now’

Who is Diana now? She's is a young woman, mystic, nature and animal lover, who found her faith back into her spirituality through studying philosophy!

Philosophy has been the catalyst in my journey, leading me to re-discovered parts of me that I could never imagined, transforming my life in both ways; in a psychological and in a soul level.The whole experience resulted not only in academic certifications, but more as a transformational educative journey. In philosophy, I found comfortable ways to accommodate my spirituality together with paradoxical ideas and my individual experience to the day-to-day person I am, all in a harmonious manner.I see each day differently because it makes me always want to be a better version of yesterday!  


 "All persons have …a consciousness of God, or the absolute substance, as the truth of everything, and so also of themselves"